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When I record from my house, usually just set mic, preamp and field recorder on top of my car in driveway. Small black square next to pzm mic in above photo is foam windscreen. Below is a photo of system ready to go with windscreen in place on mic and preamp/field recorder safely protected from moisture in Rubbermaid container.

2) Also use a Crown Soundgrabber II pressure zone mic (again placed on a plastic sheet) plugged directly in to Sony PCM-M10 or Olympus LS-10 Field Recorder. 









Recordings all done in **44.1 KHz, 16 bit format. More often than not, I just download the files on to my PC (currently a Dell Core i7 CPU) and use Ravenlite to search through file for interesting calls. Might seem tedious to some but to me, its kinda enjoyable - almost like going birding but on your computer. Since I am mostly a recreational NFC enthusiast, am not always concerned with total # of flight calls that could be calculated from running the files through the Old Bird Detector programs.  Hope to add some photographs here over next few weeks (9/26/11).  **cannot say I have found any advantage in terms of quality while recording in 44.1 KHz, 16 bit vs 22.05 KHz, 16 bit.

Under construction as of 9/26/11



Currently, using 2 recording setups:


1) Crown PZM 30D Mic connected (via female to male XLR cable) to juicedLink Ultra Portable Mixer CX231 (serves as the preamp) connected to Sony PCM-M10 Field Recorder. Microphone is placed on a 2x2 ft. sheet of 3/8" thick clear plastic (brand name Optix).