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After creating the spectrogram as you wish to see it in SyrinxPC, click on "Edit" and go to "Copy Bit Map of Current Window." Next open up a paint or drawing "type" program such as Ultimate Paint (you can also use the Paint program that comes with Windows - found under Programs - Accessories - Paint) and hit "Control V" to open the image in the drawing program. Manipulate the image to your liking and save as a .jpeg. Ultimate paint can be found at


Exporting a spectrogram image from Ravenlite:

With Ravenlite, if your satisfied with the spectrogram image created. Simply click on "File" and go to "Export Image of" and select "View Spectrogram 1 of Window of......" and save file as a .Jpeg. If would further like to manipulate the image, open it up in a paint or drawing program.  I used Ultimate Paint to combine two spectrogram images (and add text) of an American Bittern call using both Ravenlite and SyrinxPC and create the following image:

Exporting a spectrogram image from SyrinxPC:

SyrinxPC will create a spectrogram of a sound automatically when you open a soundfile. If however, you want to save a soundfile image separately from the sound (for example, needing to post the spectrogram to a website), heres how I do it: